Always Take Delivery

They said it can not be done, that it was impossible.  With enough persistence, also a surprise visit to the President of the CME Group’s Pied-à-terre on Wall Street.

I’ve received my box of S&Ps directly from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The big banks and the CME have been keeping this secret for hundreds  thousands of years.

With my extensive futures experience, I’ve found you can have it delivered directly to your doorstep. No cost to you. Market makers use this strategy to make big gains. You know those big red days on rollover?  It turns out They took their S&Ps. Supply went up, demand is the same. They dump them right into the market. Call the CME today. The CME “Global Command Center” will not give this information easily.  The secret  is to get them to transfer you to the “CME Group’s Interstellar Risk Fulfillment” Department.   It may be at a cost to you.

Here’s the number. Good luck. +1 800 438 8616

Un-boxing soon to come.

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