Mentor Profile: Colin Mc’ Rager


Mentor Profile:   Colin Mc’ Rager

Location:   Armagh, Ireland

Age:   27

Occupation:   Discriminary Trader / MMA

“I bring 20 years of experience in the Octagon before moving up to the pits of the CME and will  tell you all the necessary indicators and tools needed for you  to trade like a Champion!”

Mentor Profile: Nicholas “The City” Crompton

Mentor Profile:    Nicholas “The City” Crompton

Location:  England, United Kingdom

Age:   26

Occupation:   Gangster Rapper

“You know is Nick Crompton
And my dollars stay pippin’
Yes I can rap
And Ichimoku Clouds be smokin’
England is my city
And if it weren’t for this scam
Then the forex lifestyle would be shitty
‘Cuz you know I stay litty”